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Notable Project: Haynes International’s new power pass thru assembly

Haynes International - Kokomo, IN Replacement Pass Thru Assembly Problem: Haynes International needed a new replacement for their 10-ton vacuum master melt furnace. We are all for having spare parts on hand for emergencies! Solution: I2r POWER engineers and designers make power efficiency improvements to pass through assemblies to ensure controlled atmosphere integrity, and they…

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I2r POWER engineers designed a 14,000MCM EAF rotating terminal assembly for what might be the largest EAF power cable in North America

Notable Project: Enormous CMC Steel-Sayreville EAF power cable

CMC Steel – Sayreville, NJ Massive Rotating Terminal Design Problem: The customer needed to enhance the longevity of their EAF power cable and mitigate hose binding during operation. Solution: In what might be the largest EAF rotating terminal assembly built in North America, our engineers custom designed a 14,000 MCM terminal assembly measuring 27.25” with…

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A new weldment of high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless alloy was designed and built to stop corrosion on this electromagnetic caster stirrer

Notable Project: TimkenSteel – Harrison Mill Final Stirrer

TimkenSteel - Harrison Mill Final Stirrer Problem: Caustic flux powder used in the continuous casting process was violently attacking the carbon steel weldment of TimkenSteel's electromagnetic final stirrer. Solution: A new weldment of high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless alloy was designed, built and fabricated to stop corrosion. It's not out the door yet, because we're storing it…

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In the workshop

Notable Project: CarTech’s Dual Station ESR Furnace bus tubes

Carpenter Technologies - Latrobe, PA Problem: The retrofit and rebuild of Carpenter Technologies’ dual station ESR furnace bus tubes took some finesse. The ESR is an older furnace built circa 1960, and consequently sourcing spare components and the craftsmanship to perform the work is difficult. Solution: The replacement bus tube components arrived at the customer’s…

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DC Reactor Coils

Notable Project: Gerdau Long Steel – St. Paul DC reactor coils

Gerdau Long Steel - St. Paul, MN Problem:  Our customer’s existing DC reactor coils were beginning to leak coolant, and the OEM, General Electric, no longer supported the equipment. Gerdau Long Steel could not continue to operate their DC electric arc furnace with their existing coils, and were having difficulty solving their problem. Solution: The…

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I2r POWER offers full machining capabilities on modern lathes and mills right here, in-house, to expedite your power cable order

Comprehensive Machine Shop Offers Value

Terminals have met their match with our expert machinist Preston Flott and our comprehensive machine shop. Full machining capabilities on modern lathes and mills right here, in-house, expedite your power cable order. As always, your components are handcrafted using top-grade materials by skilled technicians for maximum power and to minimize loss. Have questions about this…

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Induction Furnace

Core Construction is Vital to Cable Life

Most construction failures are easy to identify—from the inside. The evidence is in the tear down. We see quite a few catastrophic power cable breakdowns, and unfortunately, symptoms are not usually apparent until after premature failure happens. Our experience has shown construction failures most often occur due to poor conductor bundling, an improperly sized and…

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