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Long-term cable performance is critical to meeting Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) productivity. Breakdowns are a major inconvenience in cost and lost production time. Expensive melts are high risk. Water-cooled VIM power cables from I2r POWER are designed for reliability—with no leaks and resistance to high ambient temperatures.

Put I2r POWER’s long history of expertise to work engineering a reliable solution for your VIM production. Water-cooled power cable repairs and new builds are tested at each hand-built stage to ensure they are free from leaks, are performing efficiently, and your productivity is not compromised.

Vacuum Induction Melting Power Cables Designed for Reliability

Engineered for electrical efficiency and hand-built using top grade materials, I2r POWER technicians craft your water-cooled cables to maximize power transmission. Not only do properly built internal conductor packages and core structure have electrical efficiency advantages, I2r POWER designed VIM cables maximize flexibility, are leak-free and incorporate external outer hose and protective coverings to withstand your demanding production conditions.

A range of protective external hose coverings and construction materials are applied to fit your exact production requirements. Inherent chafing can be minimized and flexibility can be maximized with the right choice of specially designed materials. I2r POWER designs induction power cables to withstand your demanding operating conditions, increasing reliability and extending cable life.

Vacuum Pass-Thru™ Assemblies for Efficiency in Feed Through Power Transmission

Alternating current (AC) feed through assemblies are designed to ensure multiple devices, including electrical performance, is maintained when passed between environments. Entirely custom built to your exact specifications, I2r POWER routinely makes power efficiency improvements to pass through assemblies to ensure controlled atmosphere integrity and they remain leak-free under pressure.

Rigid Bus Systems for High Value Power Transmission

Rigid SAF bus systems are hand-crafted for high value, long lasting power transmission. Entirely custom built to your exact specifications, I2r POWER technicians hand-build bus bar and bus tube systems to ensure even power distribution, reliable performance, and system longevity. I2r POWER makes system efficiency improvements to ensure a compact, robust, low maintenance design, and to minimize unwanted inductive heating of adjacent equipment.

Collaborative Engineered Design Effort for Best Submerged Arc Furnace Performance

Whether your need is for design, build, retrofit or custom applications, I2r POWER solutions are always a collaborative, engineered effort. Skilled technicians routinely craft induction power cable improvements into construction and repair of any induction system brand, type or application power cable.

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