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Power cable performance is critical to meeting your production goals. I2r POWER offers Superalloy producers electrical efficiency in secondary power conductors for superalloys of the highest quality.

Custom Power Cables and Electrical Components for Superalloy Production

When producing superalloys, your equipment performs at top level with I2r POWER. Every cable is hand-crafted and engineered to conduct both power and coolant efficiently, and to maintain chamber integrity without leaks. Designed for maximum electrical efficiency with minimal loss, I2r POWER components are built to last. Here’s why:

  • Engineering & Design Collaboration - I2r POWER work with you to solve design and thermal productivity challenges with advanced solutions to maximize electrical efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance - I2r POWER cables and components are designed to reduce maintenance and service-related chores, increasing safety on the production floor.
  • Expert Craftsmanship - Cables and components are manufactured to maximize power efficiency—built by hand from top-quality materials.

Water-Cooled Power Cables to Withstand Ambient Heat of Superalloy Production

Equipment reliability and efficiency is crucial to meeting your superalloy production goals. Water-cooled power cables, bus systems, and coaxial pass through components from I2r POWER are designed for reliability and longevity—with no leaks, and resistance to extreme environments such as high ambient heat and molten metal splash. I2r POWER cables provide superior efficiency in these applications:

Not only are I2r POWER induction cables designed for efficient coolant delivery and power efficiency, they are designed to reduce chafing and maximize flexibility to withstand the most demanding operating conditions. Each cable has been hand crafted specifically for reliability and longevity.

Entirely custom built or designed to your exact specifications, I2r POWER technicians craft rigid AC or DC bus bar and bus tube systems to ensure even power distribution, reliable performance, and system longevity.

Designed and built to your exact specifications, I2r POWER routinely makes power efficiency improvements to pass through assemblies, including high efficiency coaxial systems, to ensure controlled atmosphere integrity and they remain leak-free under pressure.

I2r POWER works hard to over-deliver on customer expectations. Every job is a custom, engineered design effort to fit your exact specifications. Let's talk solutions and how we can help maximize your electrical efficiency and safety.

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Eager to find solutions, I2r POWER responds with collaboration, hand-crafted quality and accountability.