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Conductor Cross SectionMicro-OHM/FT Resistance20' Length30' Length35' Length40' Length
4000 MCM (2000mm²)2.68 µ-OHMS53.6 µ-OHMs80. 4 µ-OHMs93.8 µ-OHMs107.2 µ-OHMs
5000 MCM (2500mm²2.15 µ-OHMs43 µ-OHMs64.5 µ-OHMs75.25 µ-OHMs86 µ-OHMs
6000 MCM (3000mm²)1.79 µ-OHMS35.8 µ-OHMs53.7 µ-OHMs62.65 µ-OHMs71.6 µ-OHMs
7000 MCM (3500mm²)1.53 µ-OHMS30.6 µ-OHMs45.9 µ-OHMs53.55 µ-OHMs61.2 µ-OHMs
8000 MCM (4000mm²)1.34 µ-OHMS26.8 µ-OHMs40.2 µ-OHMs46.9 µ-OHMs 53.6 µ-OHMs
9000 MCM (4500mm²)1.19 µ-OHMS23.8 µ-OHMs35.7 µ-OHMs41.65 µ-OHM47.6 µ-OHMs
10000 MCM (5000mm²)1.073 µ-OHMS21.46 µ-OHMs32.19 µ-OHMs37.56 µ-OHM42.92 µ-OHMs
11000 MCM (5500mm²)0.983 µ-OHMs19.66 µ-OHMs29.49 µ-OHMs34.4 µ-OHMs37.52 µ-OHMs
12000 MCM (6000mm²)0.894 µ-OHMS17.88 µ-OHMS26.82 µ-OHMs31.29 µ-OHM35.76 µ-OHMs
13000 MCM (6500mm²)0.83 µ-OHMs16.6 µ-OHMs24.9 µ-OHMs29.05 µ-OHMs33.2 µ-OHMs
14000 MCM (7000mm²)0.766 µ-OHMS15.32 µ-OHMS22.98 µ-OHMs26.81 µ-OHMs30.64 µ-OHMs

For general reference only. Not to be used for design purposes. Contact I2r POWER Engineering to confirm specifics for your particular cable.

All resistance data is recorded at 68⁰F (20⁰C)
All resistance data is valued at DC voltage
All resistance values are in Micro-Ohms

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