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Inherently more energy efficient than flexible wire conductors, rigid AC or DC bus systems are a high value, long lasting option for a variety of power transmission applications. Entirely custom built to your exact specifications, I2r POWER technicians craft bus bar and bus tube systems to ensure even power distribution, reliable performance, and system longevity. I2r POWER routinely makes system efficiency improvements to ensure a compact, robust, low maintenance design, and to minimize unwanted inductive heating of adjacent equipment. Safety enclosures are engineered and customized in polycarbonate materials.

Quality documentation is developed for all bus system jobs. Systems are electrically tested and visually inspected, with reporting throughout the build process. Serial numbers are provided and photos are recorded before systems are prepared for shipping.

Whether looking for design, build, retrofit, or custom applications, I²r POWER is your best choice for bus system design/build.

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