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The quality or your art casting production processes are relied on by artists seeking creative success. It’s critical your bronze, brass, stainless and other metal casting is ready to meet the demands of your artist partners. Reliable and ready to meet your demands, water-cooled power cables from I2r POWER will increase electrical efficiency and minimize power loss.

Why Choose Power Cables from I2r POWER for Art Casting Production?

Designed for maximum electrical efficiency with minimal loss, I2r POWER components are built to last. Here’s why:

  • Engineering & Design Collaboration - I2r POWER works with you to solve design and thermal productivity challenges with advanced solutions to maximize electrical efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance - I2r POWER cables and components are designed to reduce maintenance and service-related chores, increasing safety on the production floor.
  • Expert Craftsmanship - Cables and components are manufactured to maximize power efficiency—built by hand from top-quality materials to your exact needs.

Advanced Power Cable Solutions for Art Casters

When an artist’s ability to create hinders on the reliability of your casting process, it’s imperative to ensure your power cables are delivering consistent, reliable power to your equipment. I2r POWER power cable solutions can help.

Engineered for electrical efficiency and hand-built using top-grade materials, I2r POWER technicians craft your high-current induction cables to maximize power transmission.

Inherently more energy efficient than flexible wire conductors, rigid AC or DC bus systems are a high value, long lasting option for a variety of power transmission applications.

I2r POWER works hard to over-deliver on customer expectations. Every job is a custom, engineered design effort to fit your exact specifications. Let’s talk solutions and how we can help maximize your electrical efficiency!

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Eager to find solutions, I2r POWER responds with collaboration, hand-crafted quality and accountability.