Design, build, retrofit, and custom applications to maximize your power transmission

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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” ― Henry Ford

Attentive to your needs, I2r POWER expertly crafts products to maximize power transmission for metal casters, steel makers, superalloy, and advanced material processors worldwide.

Hand-crafted by skilled technicians using top-grade materials, our goal is to increase your electrical efficiency and minimize your maintenance chores. Whether your need is for design, new build, retrofit, or custom applications, I2r POWER is your best choice for EAF/LMF power cables, induction power cables, bus systems, vacuum pass through assemblies, and electromagnetic stirring (EMS).

  • Expert Craftsmanship—Cables and components are manufactured to maximize power efficiency and are built by hand from high-quality materials.
  • Engineering & Design Collaboration—I2r POWER works with you to solve design and thermal productivity challenges with innovative solutions for maximum electrical efficiency.
  • Low Maintenance—With reliable products built to last, I2r POWER cables and components minimize upkeep and service-related chores.
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Eager to find solutions, I2r POWER responds with collaboration, hand-crafted quality and accountability.